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Worship in Motion presents Prayer, Praise and Movement

Introduction to Creation Belongs to Him

Visit Online Store for Flags, Veils, and more.

Mission: Restoring Integrity to sacred ministry and turning hearts and minds back to the Father.

You can bring unity to your team through networking, sharing resources and knowledge concerning the ministry of movement.

Dancing in the Spirit - A 6-week liturgical dance class online for those who want to take their dance to another level. Take the class in the comfort of your own home. Learn and grow.

Here at Worship in Motion, we are committed to serving God. Using biblical principles of spirituality, we offer encouragement and help to dance in leading their dance team(s) in their growth in the Lord and dance. To teach, equip and empower of dance to passionately pursue our King and Lord Jesus Christ.

We will read and study God's word concerning dance, movement and witnessing through dance for His glory!

Taught by licensed Ministers of Dance

Handmade worship tools found in our online store, with monthly additions.

Also see our books that will move your ministry forward.